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Christine Hamm
Astoria, NY
email: inktastesbitter@yahoo.com



Fall 2006 PhD in English (in progress) Drew University
1993-1995 MSW in Social Work, NYU
1987-1989 MA in English with Certificate in Creative Writing, SUNY-Binghamton
1983-1987 BA in English, Reed College


2005 Second Vice President of Literature, Women's Studio Center
2004-Present Editorial Board, Vernacular
2002-Present Steering Committee of Literature, Women’s Studio Center
2002-Present Poetry Teacher, Women’s Studio Center, L. I. C., NY
2002 Literary Editor, Wide Angle Magazine, L. I. C., NY
2002 Member, Queens Council of the Arts
2001-Present Member, International Women’s Writing Guild
2001-Present Member, Women’s Studio Center, L. I. C., NY


2006 Full Scholarship for Graduate Studies towards a PhD in English, Drew University
2006 Nominated for Pushcart Prize by Mayapple Press
2004 Nominated for Pushcart Prize by VLQ
2003 Finalist in the Atlanta Review International Poetry Contest

Related Experience

2006-Present Rutgers University
Expository Writing: composition course focused on developing analytic thinking.

2005-2006 College of New Rochelle
Modes of Analysis: advanced course on reading and analyzing all genres of literature.

2005-2006 College of New Rochelle
Logic and Argumentation: advanced composition course.

2005 Women’s Studio Center Queens, NY
Second Vice President of Writing Center
Responsible for the following activiites:
Designed outreach materials and implemented outreach on the web and in person,
Started monthly women's reading series at Bowery Poetry Club,
Ran monthly writers' forum for women,
Started advertising campaign for writing center,
Made decisions regarding curriculum for classes of writing center,
researched local and nation wide grants for writing center,
Designed and published print edition of Vernacular.

2005-present Women In Need New York, NY
Poetry Teacher
Designed poetry appreciation and writing course curriculum for women at drug rehab center.
Compiled appropriate materials and writing exercises. Ran weekly class of 12 students.

2002-present Women’s Studio Center Queens, NY
Poetry Teacher
Designed poetry appreciation and writing course curriculum for adults
Developed advertisements and ran outreach efforts for class on the web and in print
Compiled appropriate materials and writing exercises
Ran weekly 1 and ½ hour class on weekends

1995 Self-Help Community Center Bayside, NY
Poetry Teacher
Designed poetry appreciation and writing course curriculum for seniors at senior center
Compiled appropriate materials and writing exercises
Ran class of 30 students for one hour weekly

1988–1989 SUNY-Binghamton Binghamton, NY
Teaching Assistant
Designed course curriculum for writing class
Ran 4 classes of 20 students weekly, focusing on exploring meaning in literature and improving writing and analysis skills

1987–1988 SUNY-Binghamton Binghamton, NY
Teaching Assistant and Tutor
Tutored 30 college students weekly on ESL and writing analysis issues
Assisted in restructuring tutoring program

Editorial Experience

2005-Present Editorial Assistant Lungfull! Magazine (circ. 3,000)
Assist editor in all aspects of production, but especially grant writing and development.

2004-Present Co-editor on editorial board of Vernacular, a new online journal of women's writing
Read and review all poetry and fiction submissions. Meet with editorial board to discuss acceptances/rejections.

2004-Present Copy-editor Spire Magazine (circ. 1,000)
Copy-edit accepted fiction submissions before publication.

2004 Editorial Assistant 12Gauge.com.
Working with head of poetry department, read and approved or rejected all poetry submissions for previous 4 years.

2002 Literary Editor Wide Angle Magazine (circ. 5,000)
Read and accepted or rejected all fiction and poetry submissions to a monthly Queens based magazine. Acted as liaison to all literary authors, and did outreach for submissions. Copy-edited submissions once accepted. Worked with the Editor and Publisher of magazine.

1989-1990 Editorial Assistant Putnam Publishing
Worked with editors of trade paperback and hardcover fiction. Wrote advertising copy for catalogue and book covers. Read slush pile. Liaison with other publishing houses and agents. Copy-edited manuscripts and copy.

Christine Hamm 11:23 PM

Publication History

Book: The Transparent Dinner, Fall 2006, Mayapple Press.
Chapbooks: The Salt Daughter, Winter, 2005, Little Poem Press.
The Animal Husband, Spring 2006, Dancing Girl Press.



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The 7th Year, Memoir of an Unrepentant Thief by The Goodnight Show (podcast)
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The Dressmaker’s Daughter by Alsop’s Review Octavo
(This poem was also shortlisted for the Alsop’s Review Poetry Prize.)


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Christine Hamm 11:26 AM

critical writing

Poetry Project Newsletter
Book Review of Pieces of Air in the Epic, by Brenda Hillman

Altar Magazine
Book Reviews for Violet: A Murder,The End of Art, Fierce Attachments, Raising the Queen of Heaven, The End of Art, If She Were a Woman, American Sci-Fi TV, Cloudlife, Because Why, Surfing Armageddon, Seeing The Unspeakable and others.
(Reviews not available online)

Get Underground
Neckface for President
A review of the artist Neckface and the hype surrounding him

11211 Magazine
LASE-Menance 2 Society
A discussion of the graffitti artist, NYC-LASE, and his venture into gallery space

An Iris Is an Iris
A Review of William Kentridge’s show at the New Museum.

The Ghost (Dream) in the Machine:
Christine Hamm on what your internet experience really means.

Pemmican Reviews
Review of Chapbook; Dictation.

Monthly column about contemporary art
published at Suite101.com from 2000-2001

Christine Hamm 11:29 PM

Performance History (all in NYC)

Speakeasy: 9/01, Thesauraushead:10/01, Women's Studio Center:12/01, Women's Studio Center: 1/02, Teachers and Writers : 4/02, Thesauraushead: 4/02, The Charleston: 5/02, 6/02, The Read Cafe: 7/02, Women's Studio Center: 9/02, 10/02, East Side Oral: 3/04, Halcyon: 11/04, Women's Studio Center: 1/05, Galapagos: 5/05, the Bowery Poetry Club: 6/05, Poetry vs Comedy: 8/05, Atomic Cafe: 9/05, Bowery Poetry Club: 10/05, St. Mark's Poetry Project: 2/06, Happy Ending: 2/06, Bar 13: 3/06, Galapagos: 8/06, Ear Inn: 11/06, Drew University: 11/06, Women's Studio Center: 11/06.

Reviews of My Work

"Emily Dickinson exhorted poets to "Tell all the Truth but tell it slant--" and in The Transparent Dinner, Christine Hamm deftly achieves this goal. Throughout this book she exposes familial dysfunction, marital complexity, and the confusion of traveling into the larger world, all with imagery that falls deliciously askew. These poems are full of animals both dangerous and domestic, of sex both dangerous and domestic, of flames that wound and cauterize.
I was turning thirteen the way milk turns,
becomes thicker, more complicated, fragrant.

As in those lines (from "The Family Practice"), there is both stench and beauty here, both grim reportage and fractured fairy tale. The strength of this book is in its relentless refusal to distinguish between the two, exposing the place where horror and magic commingle to create something deeper than a simple truth. These poems tell secrets -- dirty ones, delicious ones, ones you know you could be punished for hearing. Hamm is a thief and a trespasser, and her readers are the richer for it."

---Anne Haines, Five Women Poets, honorable mention, Thomas Merton Foundation's 2006 "Poetry of the Sacred" contest.

"If you’re looking for a quaint book of rhyming verse, The Transparent Dinner is not the collection for you. Christine Hamm’s poetry is a whirling carnival of family dysfunction, talking animals and deathbed confessions. These poems are discarded doll’s heads littering a dried-out field. They give you the feeling you’ve just walked into a situation you weren’t supposed to witness but can’t stop watching. They suck you in, spin you around and leave you breathless. Reading Hamm’s poetry is like watching a feminist version of The Shining except even more jarring and wickedly funny."

-- Cheryl Burke, writer and producer of PVC: The Poetry vs. Comedy Variety Show

"Christine Hamm's The Salt Daughter takes us on a journey through the secret kitchen of an American family. This daughter is no shrinking violet. Like Alice in the well, she swims through spoilt milk, soup, wine, rotten eggs and ice cream. She is the dark bud on a head of cabbage, the burnt patch in the pot of soup, the cotton candy under the nails of a fighter. In turning back to see mother, father and siblings, The Salt Daughter is sea water and chloride, cathartic and acid. Hamm's brilliant collection resounds with the force of a fairy tale. The Salt Daughter looks back, but she never flinches."

----Rebecca Loudon, author of Tarantella

"The poems in The Salt Daughter evoke a fairy tale world that is anything but. In this startlingcollection, children break off bits of their mother and are left with throats drawn in thirst. The mother is made of twigs, lives under the bed like a nightmare, sings inside their bodies. She’s so small I can fit my tongue all the way around her neck. Hamm’s familial explorations are daring, often tragic, and the poems are the “dark star” we willingly sail towards."

-- Amanda Auchter, author of Light Under Skin and editor
of Pebble Lake Review

Christine Hamm 11:31 PM

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